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Apple: Apple Store app’s latest update adds new features for iPhone users: What is it

The Apple Store app is a platform which users can visit on their iPhones to buy or test Apple products online. This app saves users from the hassle of using a mobile browser on their iPhones to visit the website. For Indian users, the app is available in the App Store to download and update. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant is yet to make this service accessible to Indian users. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that the company is planning to open physical retail stores in India soon. So, the company might make this service accessible for Indian users after it inaugurates the first Apple retail store in the country. The Apple Store app works for users in other markets like the US.
Apple Store app: What is it
This app allows users to make purchases from the online Apple Store. It also recommends certain Apple products to users based on the Apple devices they own. The company has recently started rolling out an update for the Apple Store app which adds new features to the app.
Apple Store app comes pre-installed on the iPhone and can also be downloaded from the App Store. The app also shows users the accessories that are compatible with the Apple products that they own. With this app, users can also sign up for a hands-on session at a physical Apple Store. The Apple Store app can even be used to upgrade to a new iPhone.
Apple Store app update: What’s new
The latest version of the Apple Store app (version 5.19) that brings new features is now available on the App Store. This new version of the app allows users to share the saved list of Apple products (that they’re interested in purchasing) with friends and family.
This feature will make it easier for users to share gift ideas or collaborate on shopping lists. Users can share their saved lists via the share sheet icon on saved list pages. Moreover, the items saved in the list can now be accessed from multiple places in the app.

Apart from this, the update has also improved the information displayed on store pages for users who are planning to visit an Apple retail store soon. Additional store data also offers more details about each retail store and its surroundings.
Before this, the company last updated the Apple Store app in November. This update allowed iPhone users to have Memojis engraved on AirPods or AirPods Pro. This feature is available exclusively through the Apple Store app.

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