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Diablo Iv: Blizzard announces dates for Diablo IV’s open beta kickoff: Dates, availability and more

Blizzard Entertainment has updated its blog post to announce the open beta kick-off date for Diablo IV. In the blog post, the gaming studio confirmed that Diablo IV’s open beta will start on March 24 and will run through March 26. The company also confirmed that gamers who have pre-ordered the game will receive early access to the open beta from March 17–19. Blizzard has also warned that players accessing the open beta may encounter performance issues while playing. The company has also assured that it will use any feedback to make its final tweaks before the game’s final release. Diablo IV’s final version is scheduled to be released on June 6.
Diablo IV open beta access: Availability
The open beta of Diablo IV can be accessed on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.
Diablo IV open beta: Key features
As per Blizzard, gamers who participate in the Diablo IV open beta will be able to “intimately explore” the early stages of the game. During the open beta sessions, players will be able to test the prologue of Diablo IV and the entire Act 1 which is set in the Fractured Peaks.
In the open beta session, players will be able to complete quests and slay demons during their journey through the snowy landscape. However, the game will allow players to reach only up to level 25 during the open beta session.

Blizzard has also released the official cinematic trailer of Diablo IV on its official YouTube channel. The trailer demonstrates the opening cinematic sequence which gives a closer look at the game’s first zone. Diablo IV’s cinematic trailer also shows off the game’s character customisation options.

Diablo IV | In-Game Intro Cinematic

According to a report by IGN, this is just one of the several cinematic sequences that will be included throughout the game. The report also claims that these sequences will insert each players’ custom-designed character into various scenes. No matter how “creative” players decide to get with their characters, they will be included in the game’s cut scenes.

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