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How ChatGPT logins are being sold in ‘black’ in China

It has been just over three months since ChatGPT debuted and swiftly become quite a rage. World over, users have been enthralled by the chatbot, discussed the pitfalls of using it too much and many other things. Yet, one country hasn’t officially got it. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, didn’t make the chatbot accessible in China. But that hasn’t stopped people from using it. According to a report by Wired, there’s a huge demand for ChatGPT logins in the black market in China
Logins selling on the internet
The report says that e-commerce platforms in China have been selling ChatGPT logins along with international phone numbers. According to the report, Taobao, which is the biggest e-commerce platform in China, has seen a huge demand for logins for using the popular chatbot. Logins have been selling between 1-30 RMB (which is roughly up to Rs 350).
WeChat has also seen a lot of ‘fake’ ChatGPT apps mushroom in the last few months. These apps, as per the report, allow users to ask a few questions for free but then later charge users.
A lot of Chinese tech companies have come down hard on the black market logins. For instance, Taobao banned keywords like OpenAI and ChatGPT whereas WeChat also restricts similar services. However, many depend in the APIs and get access to ChatGPT’s services.
OpenAI, on its part, hasn’t mentioned anything about bringing ChatGPT to China.
China’s own tech giants have been in a rush to launch ChatGPT-like services, One of China’s biggest e-commerce companies — — has revealed its plans to unveil ChatJD. However, the chatbot’s skillset may be limited to interacting with other businesses rather than the end consumers. Baidu has announced its Ernie Bot will arrive as a ChatGPT alternative in China. Baidu has said that the integration of Ernie Bot will be done in some of its hardware and software products and services.

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