Thursday, March 9

LumaFusion video editor launches on Android and ChromeOS

Two years after announcing the development of its video editing app for Android and ChromeOS operating systems, LumaFusion has finally announced the app for both platforms officially.
The app was in beta testing for the past couple of months and users can now officially download the app via the official app stores. The app has been listed on Google Play Store and Samsung Store and it costs Rs 2,500.
LumaFusion video editing app: Features
LumaFusion brings Final Cut Pro-like editing features to Android and ChromeOS. 9to5Google has listed the complete list of features that the app offers.
Supports up to 12 layers which includes 6 video and 6 audio layers (Layers support also depends upon the device type).
Comes with a magnetic timeline with insert/overwrite and link/unlink clips options
Track headers for hiding, locking and muting tracks.
Built-in presets and the option to create custom presets
Markers support with notes
Cut, copy, and paste in your timeline and between projects using multi select
Supports layer effects, green screen, chroma keys, distort, blur and more.
Colour correction options
Select from included colour LUTs like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl
Animation option with unlimited keyframes
Speed FX
Ability to create slow, fast and reverse motion effects
Up to 240fps slow motion support
Time-lapse video edit support
Keyframe audio levels, panning and EQ for perfect mixes
Fill-from-left / right for dual-mono audio captures
Duck music during dialog with Auto-ducking
Media Library
Supports device media
Ability to import data from cloud storage
View detailed metadata for your media
Rename, add notes, and colour-tag
Sort and search to quickly find what you need
Share Features
Ability to share movies with control over resolution, quality and framerate
Archive projects for backup or edit on another device

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