Thursday, March 16

Nothing Ear (2) to come with Hi-res audio and IP54 rating

Nothing’s next earbuds – Ear (2) – are coming later this month on March 21. While not much is known about the upcoming earbuds, Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei has spilled some beans on the Ear (2), setting up the expectations for its next pair of earbuds.
In an interview with Forbes, Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, says that the Ear (2) will deliver “something more premium,” saying the same for the Phone (2), which is expected to debut later this year.
The one big feature coming to the upcoming pair of earbuds is the support for hi-res audio. The Ear (2) will support the LHDC 5.0 codec, enabling hi-res audio, a feature more profound with premium earbuds. The first earbuds from Nothing, Ear (1) supported only the AAC codec.
“Sound quality has been really important to us for the Ear (2). We decided to support LHDC 5.0 streaming and also hi-res audio as a result of that. So for any music source that’s hi-res certified we will support it really well,” said Pei.
Carl notes how the company has improved its production facilities, going from double shot injection to triple shot, which benefits products with smaller gaps, improving water resistivity. So, Ear (2) benefits from this improved production technique, making them IP54 certified.
In a series of tweets, Nothing tells how it has expanded its “task force” to test the upcoming Ear (2), with over 700 ‘experts’ working on the earbuds. The company said that it has tested the Ear (2) on more than 120 smartphones and laptops, up from 70 it had tested for Ear (1).
Rumours are rife that Ear (2) will look much like Ear (1), but these new ones could come with personalised ANC. We expect to learn more about Nothing Ear (2) as the launch nears.

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