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Pixel Fold: Google’s Pixel Fold spotted on New York City subway as first live leak

Google’s long-awaited Pixel Fold smartphone is expected to launch this year. The tech giant teased its first-ever foldable phone at its annual Google I/O event in 2022. Rumours suggest that the company will unveil the Pixel Fold at the upcoming Google I/O 2023 event which is set to be held in May. Google phones have a history of being spotted on planes, trains and other public transports before their official launch. This time, some blurry shots of the upcoming Pixel Fold have reportedly been uploaded online making them the first live leak of the upcoming foldable smartphone
Google Pixel Fold‘s first live leak
According to a report by 9to5Google, a Reddit user took four shots after spotting the Pixel Fold on a New York City subway. Out of these four images, only of them is a bit clear while the remaining ones are quite blurry to decipher. The clear image shows a folded device that the user is holding in the landscape orientation with the hinge exposed above the screen.
The image also shows the curve of the screen in the bottom-right corner. Meanwhile, the outer display’s edge and a metallic/reflective hinge are visible on top of the screen. Previously leaked renders showed Pixel Fold in lighter and darker variants. However, the latest image likely showed the black colour option.

Pixel Fold’s leaked image also shows the screen in full screen mode. However, the top edge was covered and the front-facing camera wasn’t visible. Earlier renders suggest that the selfie camera should be at the right and slimmer bezels. The Reddit users also alleged seeing the ‘distinctive’ camera bar of the Pixel Fold.
Google Pixel Fold: What to expect
The Google Pixel Fold is expected to arrive with a wider display and an UI optimised for large-screens. This optimisation is likely to fit two apps side-by-side while multi-tasking. Google’s rumoured foldable is likely to have a bigger battery than both Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Oppo Find N2.

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