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Realme UI 4.0 early access starts rolling out for Realme 8 Pro smartphone

Realme has officially begun the rollout of Realme UI 4.0 early access for its Realme 8 Pro users in line with the Realme Android 13 roadmap. The new update, which is based on Android 13, comes with new customisation options, features and more. The early access program is an opportunity for users to experience the new features of Realme UI based on Android 13 for the first time.
Rollout details
Realme UI 4.0 early access is available for a limited set of users initially, and applications will be accepted in batches beginning on March 10. Realme 8 Pro users who wish to participate in the early access program can visit the Realme community page to register their interest.
Realme UI 4.0: Details
Realme UI 4.0 incorporates a number of key Android 13 features while improving four key areas: design, interaction, fluidity, and security. The update is aimed to offer a comfortable and seamless user experience. It also enhances functionality, fluency, customisability, security, and privacy of the device.
How to download early access
To participate in the early access program for Realme UI 4.0, Realme 8 Pro users can follow these simple steps:
Go to the Realme community page and click on the “Early Access” tab.
Scroll down to find the “Realme UI 4.0 Early Access for Realme 8 Pro” thread and click on “Apply Now.”
Fill in the application form with your device details and reasons for applying.
Click on “Submit,” and you will receive a confirmation message.
Wait for the update notification, and follow the instructions to download and install the new update.

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