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YouTube’s new feature will let content creators reach wider audience: Here’s how

YouTube has seen an uptick in usage in recent years and this can be attributed, in part, to a number of features it added over the years. India, with its over 465 million users (as per Statista), has contributed a lot to that growth. Last year, in its 8th edition of the Google for India event, the company showcased a feature, called Aloud, that allows content creators to quickly dub their videos into multiple languages.
Reports on the internet suggest that Google has started to roll out the feature to multiple content creators so that their videos are accessible to a broader audience.
What is Aloud
Google introduced the Aloud feature in March last year but showcased it at the Google For India event last year. A product from Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator for experimental projects, Aloud enables creators to quickly and easily dub their videos into multiple languages, using artificial intelligence (AI).
The AI-powered solution can help creators save time and effort when transcribing and translating videos into multiple Indian languages. The feature is aimed at content creators so that they can reach a wider audience with their videos.

At that time, Google said that it was working closely with Apollo Hospitals to test a new feature where a single video is available with multiple audio tracks in different languages.
The company showcased a video wherein a video from Apollo Hospitals had an option for viewers to seamlessly switch between other languages at the click of a button. This technology deploys machine learning to dub content into other languages, in very little time and at zero cost.
Aloud rolling out widely
It seems that the Aloud feature is rolling out to more people. In a video posted by popular YouTuber MrBeast, namely, “I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica”, users can click on the gear icon to find a new option “audio track.” Upon clicking it, users will be able to see the different language options, including Hindi. Videos will also default to a user’s preferred language, reports The Verge.

Aloud test results
The company found in its early tests that, as of January, it has “already seen over 3,500 multi-language videos uploaded in over 40 languages,” the report cited YouTube as saying.
It also said that multi-language dubbed videos see increased watch time, with 15% coming from “views in the video’s non-primary language” in January. Furthermore, content creators now don’t have to create multiple channels to host videos in other languages.

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