Celebrating Fearless Mothers Who Are Motorcycling Trailblazers

Last Updated: May 13, 2023, 18:15 IST

Celebrating Fearless Women on International Mother's Day

Celebrating Fearless Women on International Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate these fearless mothers who are making a positive impact on society and inspiring others to follow their dreams

International Mother’s Day is a special occasion that recognizes and celebrates the invaluable contributions of mothers worldwide. While motherhood often presents its own challenges, some women defy societal expectations and shatter gender stereotypes by embracing unique hobbies like motorcycling. In a traditionally male-dominated activity like motorcycling, these trailblazing women have boldly carved out their own space and emerged as beacons of inspiration for others. Whether they are adventure riders or professional racers, these remarkable women have shattered stereotypes and demonstrated that with passion and determination, anything is achievable. Let us take a moment to celebrate these fearless mothers who are fearlessly challenging norms and leaving a positive impact on society.

Megha Shisodiya

International Mother’s Day (Photo: Megha Shishodiya)

A multi-talented individual with a passion for various fields. As an author, capsule wardrobe designer, career counselor, humanitarian, social activist, fashion educator, motorcyclist, and traveler, her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With her academic background in design and management, Megha currently works as a freelance designer, industry speaker, and guest professor for renowned design universities. She also collaborates with NGOs and independent groups to uplift underprivileged children in terms of education, awareness, hygiene, and food. For Megha, motorcycling is not just a hobby—it’s an expression of freedom, thrill, and inner peace. Despite the challenges of being a mother and a motorcyclist, she has successfully struck a balance, teaching her son the importance of women’s empowerment and freedom. Her Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350x has covered an impressive 65,000 kilometers across 23 Indian states in the past 6-7 years, including exhilarating rides from Delhi to Chitkul and Delhi to Kanyakumari. Megha’s dedication to cause and awareness rides contributes to building a better and more balanced nation.

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Meghna Hrushikesh Mandke

International Mother’s Day (Photo: Meghna Hrushikesh Mandke)

Another trailblazing mother rider is Meghna Hrushikesh Mandke, who defied societal norms to pursue her passion for motorcycles. Coming from a farmer family, Meghna stood out as the only girl rider in her village, delivering vegetables on her bike. Inspired by other girls performing stunts and racing in Pune, she embarked on her own thrilling journey. Despite financial limitations and mixed reactions, Meghna persisted, with her husband providing unwavering support. Balancing motherhood and motorcycling, she discovered the joy of Royal Enfield, leading her to unforgettable experiences and a profound belief in the power of determination and perseverance.

Shalini Ranyal

International Mother’s Day (Photo: Shalini Ranyal)

An incredible rider who embraced motorcycles later in life. Fascinated by the sound of engines and the thrill of riding, Shalini always put her children first, dedicating herself to their well-being. However, as her children grew older, they wholeheartedly supported her passion for motorcycles. With their backing, Shalini embarked on her riding journey, cherishing moments spent riding alongside her son and daughter, creating lifelong memories and strengthening their bond. The sound of a Royal Enfield engine resonates deeply within Shalini, igniting her sense of adventure and pushing her to explore new horizons. One of her most cherished experiences is riding alongside her son and daughter, sharing the excitement of the open road and creating lifelong memories that strengthen their bond. As a mother rider, Shalini firmly believes in following your heart while also being responsible. Striking a balance between family responsibilities and pursuing passions is crucial. She emphasizes the importance of choosing appropriate safety gear and taking necessary precautions to ensure a safe riding experience for herself and others.

These stories of Megha, Meghna, and Shalini inspire us to break free from societal expectations and constraints imposed on women. They remind us that true passion knows no bounds and that every dream can be pursued with unwavering determination.

On this International Mother’s Day, let us celebrate these revolutionary mothers on wheels, who fearlessly challenge norms and leave a lasting impact on society.

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