Monday, September 25

Gran Turismo: Race against AI: Gran Turismo 7 update introduces ‘invincible’ AI opponent

Popular racing game Gran Turismo 7 has received a new update (v1.29) that brings AI racer GT Sophy onto the racetrack for a limited time, starting from February 21 till March-end. The PlayStation exclusive game has also received a dedicated ‘GT Sophy Race Together’ mode (only available on PS5) through which players can race against the AI that famously beat top Gran Turismo players just a year ago.
The USP of GT Sophy is its ability to learn player behavior and then employ a suitable tactic to gain the upper hand during a race. Speaking about the AI agent, developer Polyphony Digital’s president Kazunori Yamauchi said, “This evolution of AI is a symbolic moment across the 25-year history of Gran Turismo, and it’s as important as the evolution of the automotive physics simulation, which is at the heart and core of a racing game.”

How GT Sophy AI mode is different from playing against the CPU
GT Sophy is an upgrade over CPU racers as the former can not only race impeccably but also use strategies, tactics, and follow racing etiquette while doing so. All in all, going up against the AI is similar to competing against an elite human player.

GT Sophy Race Together mode


According to Yamauchi, “Unlike the conventional built-in AI, GT Sophy drives with continuity in a large variety of situations, which allows users to enjoy the excitement of a close battle as if they are playing against a professional racing driver. This is an important evolution even from the standpoint of racing game history. We will continue to evolve GT Sophy to realize our concept of ‘Race Together,’ where we envision providing a fun opponent for players to race against and learn from.”

More about GT Sophy Race Together mode
As confirmed in Sony’s official post, the GT Sophy Race Together mode features four racing circuits set at distinct difficulty levels. Each of these race-tracks involves racing against four GT Sophy-powered cars that exhibit different levels of driving acumen. Alternatively, players can also face the AI in a one-on-one race with “identical car configurations and settings.” Furthermore, the AI can also use emoticons to react to a racing situation, thanks to the game’s new emoticon feature.

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