How An Italian Train With Around Hundred Passengers Eerily Disappeared In a Tunnel

Last Updated: March 10, 2023, 17:30 IST

People still wonder how a train just vanished suddenly and was never tracked.

People still wonder how a train just vanished suddenly and was never tracked.

People wonder how a train could just vanish suddenly.

There is no denying the fact that humans are inquisitive. They are always eager to decipher mysteries, which remain unsolved for years. From the Bermuda Triangle, Dark Matter, and Jack the Ripper to the Dancing Plague of 1518, several mysteries have puzzled people for hundreds of years. Another mystery which joins this list is the disappearance of a train, constructed by an Italian company Zanetti. The train left for its destination on June 14, 1911.

As a part of its promotional offer, the company announced plans to take six railway staff members and hundred passengers for a free ride. The passengers were enjoying the ride with free food and plan to explore different places in Italy. Everything was going on smoothly until the train passed through the Lombard tunnel. After passing through this tunnel, the train never reached its destination. Shocking, right?

People still wonder how a train just vanished suddenly and was never tracked. Despite many attempts, no one has been able to find the train and its passengers.

The most shocking thing about this disappearance was that there has not been a single trace of an accident, which could provide a possible answer. This incident was widely reported at the time in the media. According to those reports, only two passengers could save their lives; but they failed to provide any account of this mystery.

People could only understand bits of some gut-wrenching details by listening to their incoherent explanations. They got to know that the moment this train entered the tunnel, the passengers were struck with a feeling of terror. What was the reason for this sudden feeling? No reason has been disclosed to date for it. After this, a white smoke engulfed the train. At this moment, these two passengers were quick enough to save their lives and jumped off the train.

After many years, a doctor claimed that those 104 passengers were admitted to a Mexican hospital. They all were speaking incoherently. All were talking about a train and claimed that they reached Mexico by that train only. The distance from Italy to Mexico is more than ten thousand kilometres. On top of that, these two countries are divided by the mighty Atlantic Ocean. So, it seems almost impossible.

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