Iconic Maruti 800 Hatchback Modified into a Unique Hearse, Watch the Video Here

Last Updated: May 09, 2023, 16:58 IST

Modified Maruti 800 Turned into Unique Hearse(Photo: Cartoq)

Modified Maruti 800 Turned into Unique Hearse(Photo: Cartoq)

The modification entails a chopped and stretched body, and the wheelbase has been expanded, making it difficult to drive on city roads

The Maruti 800 holds a special place in the Indian automotive industry, revolutionizing affordable cars for middle-class families since its launch in 1983. While discontinued in 2014, this iconic hatchback still finds its way into the hearts of collectors, who have even taken it a step further by modifying it into various unique forms.

Recently, a video surfaced on the Jaipur Jeep Lovers YouTube channel, showcasing a truly exceptional modification of a Maruti 800. This particular version has been transformed into an elongated hearse, making it the longest Maruti 800 in the country. Built for a Gurudwara, this vehicle serves a noble purpose in public service.

The modified Maruti 800 exhibits some changes to its front-end, featuring aftermarket round headlamps in place of the stock ones. However, the video doesn’t provide a detailed view of the modification process. Upon observing the side profile, it becomes evident that the workshop extended the car by cutting it in the middle and using metal sheets. The increased length does give the vehicle an unusual appearance, posing some challenges when maneuvering through city roads due to the extended wheelbase and larger turning radius.

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While the exterior appears neatly packaged, the interior doesn’t receive the same level of finesse. The rear seat has been completely redesigned to accommodate two seats and a stretcher for carrying bodies. The blue-themed interior features leather seat covers, while the dashboard and switches remain stock. Access to the stretcher is through the tailgate, with a partition separating the driver’s cabin from the rear. Whether the rear cabin is air-conditioned or not remains unclear. This modification is undoubtedly unique, but its execution leaves something to be desired.

Unfortunately, the video does not mention the time and cost involved in this transformation. It’s highly unlikely that there are other Maruti 800 hearses in the country, making this one-of-a-kind modification the sole example of its kind. Notably, Maruti recently bought back the first-ever 800 hatchback, which was originally delivered to Mr. Harpal Singh in 1983 by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Maruti restored the car to its former glory and proudly displayed it at their Delhi headquarters. The Maruti 800 was equipped with a 796-cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine, generating 38.9 bhp of power and 59 Nm of peak torque.

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