MIUI 12: Features Coming to Xiaomi’s Devices

MIUI 12: Features

MIUI 12 will start rolling out from June — the latest version of Xiaomi’s Android user interface was officially unveiled on Tuesday, May 19 for global markets. It brings new features and improvements to Xiaomi’s Mi and Redmi phones. Xiaomi said in its blog post that privacy protection is at the core of the development of MIUI and MIUI 12 build on top of that. Users get a new UI design with “innovative system animations” and more. So, here are the top features present in MIUI 12: Features

Design and animations

Xiaomi said that it has revamped the UI design for MIUI 12 and refreshed system-wide animations. It uses the Mi Render Engine to make switching between apps smoother and each screen has been made more “informative and comprehensible”. Xiaomi added, “Data is perceived more intuitively when it’s presented in graphics. Visualisations save time and make the interaction with the mobile device more intuitive and efficient.” MIUI 12 also brings a flatter and more simplified interface and new navigation gestures. Additionally, the Super Wallpaper feature provides “stunning reconstructions of iconic planetary landforms” using NASA’s official imagery.

MIUI 12: Features


MIUI 12 improves on multi-tasking by adding floating windows. When navigating using the full screen gestures, floating windows for apps will help users easily move them, close or resize them with gestures. If you get a message while on you’re doing something else on your phone like watching a video, the message can be opened up in a floating window allowing you to reply without having to pause the video and switch over to the messaging app.

Ultra Battery Saver

MIUI 12 adds what Xiaomi is calling an ultra-battery saver mode. As the name suggests, the ultra-battery saver mode will restrict the more power-consuming features without affecting calls, messages, and network connectivity. This will extend the phone’s standby time and reduce power consumption, thereby giving you some extra battery life when the phone’s battery is low.

App Drawer

MIUI usually follows the more iPhone-esque home screen with the absence of an app drawer. Now with MIUI 12, users will get an option to turn on the app drawer which will free up their home screen and show all the installed apps in one place. The apps can also be grouped automatically, making them easier to find. Xiaomi says this app drawer comes from the Poco Launcher present in the Poco smartphones.

Dark Mode

MIUI 12 brings an enhanced Dark Mode that changes the colpur palette for system backgrounds, system apps, and third-party apps to a darker theme. It also allows users to choose the contrast to match the ambient light. Xaomi says Dark Mode reduces power consumption and minimises eye strain.

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