Nyobolt-CALLUM Project Unveiling in June 2023

Last Updated: May 05, 2023, 11:28 IST

Nyobolt-CALLUM Project Unveil (Photo: Nyobolt)

Nyobolt-CALLUM Project Unveil (Photo: Nyobolt)

A technology has been created that is manufacturable and scalable while it makes recharging electric cars as convenient as refuelling a petrol or diesel car

Nyobolt, the battery technology company, is partnering with design and engineering firm CALLUM to bring its fast-charging battery technology to the electric vehicle industry. Nyobolt aims to transform the industry by making recharging as convenient as refuelling a petrol or diesel car. With its patented battery technology, Nyobolt’s world-leading team has taken a systems-level approach, developing fast-charging, high-power battery solutions that use new materials, cell designs, efficient software control and power electronics.

By partnering with CALLUM, Nyobolt is looking to utilise its established automotive design and engineering capabilities to bring this technology to life in passenger vehicles. Nyobolt and CALLUM will collaborate on projects that incorporate the patented battery technology, utilizing CALLUM’s in-house engineering facilities in Warwickshire.

The companies will showcase their first automotive concept, which will highlight how the technology can be utilised in passenger vehicles, in June this year. The concept has been designed by respected car designer Julian Thomson, with the concept developed and executed by CALLUM.

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Dr Sai Shivareddy, Nyobolt’s CEO, said, “The fast-paced switch to battery electric vehicles across the world is a great example of an industry that needs our patented battery right now to slash charging times from hours to a few minutes.”

David Fairbairn, managing director at CALLUM, said, “Nyobolt’s pioneering battery technology provides the automotive industry with a solution to enormous challenges such as charging, access to battery materials and battery degradation.”

Nyobolt’s fast-charging battery technology is set to unlock the potential of battery performance and make charging electric cars as convenient as refuelling a petrol or diesel car.

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