Monday, September 25

Quantum: Google scientists claim new Quantum computing claim

Google scientists claim to have achieved a new milestone. The company has claimed a breakthrough in correcting errors that are inherent in today’s quantum computers, marking an early but potentially significant step in overcoming the biggest technical barrier to a revolutionary new form of computing. This marks a major milestone in their quest to develop effective quantum computing, with a new study showing that they reduced the rate of errors — long an obstacle for the much-hyped technology.
Quantum computing has been touted as a revolutionary advance that uses scientific understanding of the subatomic world to create a machine with powers far beyond those of today’s conventional computers. The feat, reported in Nature, reportedly follows up on a 2019 experiment in which a Google quantum computer achieved ‘quantum advantage’ — by performing a calculation that would have taken thousands of years on an ordinary computer. The research published in the journal Google Quantum AI lab described a system that can significantly decrease the error rate.
Analysts believe that this could give the US tech giant an edge over its rivals such as IBM, which is also working on superconducting quantum processors.
What are quantum computers
While traditional computers process information in bits that can be represented by 0 or 1, quantum computers use qubits, which can be a combination of both at the same time. This means that a quantum computer can crunch an enormous number of potential outcomes simultaneously.
A problem called decoherence can cause the qubits to lose their information when they leave their quantum state and come into contact with the outside world. This fragility causes high error rates, which also increase with the number of qubits.
However Google’s team said it had demonstrated for the first time in practice that a system using error-correcting code can detect and fix errors without affecting the information. The system was first theorised in the 1990s, however previous attempts had just thrown up more errors, said Google’s Hartmut Neven, a co-author of the study.
Chinese dispute Google claim
In 2019, Google claimed that it had passed a milestone known as “quantum supremacy”, when the tech giant said its Sycamore machine executed a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken a conventional supercomputer 10,000 years to complete. However the achievement has since been disputed, with Chinese researchers saying in 2022 that a supercomputer could have beaten Sycamore’s time.

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