Range Rover Introduces SV Bespoke Service, Elevating Personalized Luxury and Refinement

Last Updated: May 17, 2023, 18:48 IST

Range Rover Raises the Bar in Luxury SUVs with SV Bespoke (Photo: JLR India)

Range Rover Raises the Bar in Luxury SUVs with SV Bespoke (Photo: JLR India)

Range Rover Unleashes Unmatched Connectivity and Intuitive Technology for Effortless Driving Experience

Range Rover sets a new standard in luxury SUVs with the exclusive SV Bespoke commissioning service, available for Autobiography and SV models. This bespoke service allows customers to personalize their Range Rover through a seven-step creation process, selecting from a wide range of materials, finishes, and customization options. From the luxurious interior to the exterior, every detail is meticulously crafted to meet the customer’s unique preferences. With the introduction of the SV Bespoke service, Range Rover solidifies its position as the epitome of opulence.

Range Rover Raises the Bar in Luxury SUVs with SV Bespoke (Photo: JLR India)

In addition to the personalization options, Range Rover enhances its powertrain lineup. The plug-in electric hybrid engines now feature a more powerful 160 kW electric motor, delivering impressive performance. The combination of the electric motor and the 3.0-liter six-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine results in increased power outputs for the P550e and P460e models. The enhancements provide improved acceleration in EV mode, making Range Rover’s electric hybrid models even more impressive on the road.

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The latest generation Pivi Pro1 infotainment system takes connectivity and convenience to new heights. With a sleek 13.1-inch floating glass touchscreen, Range Rover owners can effortlessly control key vehicle functions. The system offers intuitive controls and haptic feedback for an enhanced user experience. Moreover, Advanced Software Over The Air capability ensures that Range Rover vehicles are always up to date with the latest software, enabling continuous improvement and added features.

Range Rover Raises the Bar in Luxury SUVs with SV Bespoke (Photo: JLR India)

Range Rover also introduces advanced technologies to enhance driving dynamics and all-terrain capabilities. The Dynamic Response Pro3 technology reduces body lean during cornering, providing a more engaging and comfortable driving experience. Additionally, the Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control, part of the Terrain Response 2® system, helps drivers navigate challenging terrains by maintaining a steady pace according to ground conditions.

Range Rover’s commitment to luxury and innovation is showcased in every aspect of the vehicle. From the exquisite craftsmanship to the advanced technology, Range Rover continues to redefine the meaning of luxury SUVs. With the SV Bespoke commissioning service, enhanced powertrains, and cutting-edge infotainment, Range Rover remains at the forefront of automotive excellence.

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