Solapur Engineer Develops Device to Reduce Vehicular Pollution, Earns Rs 13.52 Crore

Device to Reduce Pollution in 4-Wheelers created by Rahul Bulhanpurkar (Photo: News18)

Device to Reduce Pollution in 4-Wheelers created by Rahul Bulhanpurkar (Photo: News18)

Rahul Bulhanpurkar from Solapur has also patented this device and recently Tata Motors paid him Rs 13.52 crore to use this device in its upcoming cars from 2024

Scientific discoveries have made our lives easy, comfortable and secure. There are thousands of scientists and researchers working round the clock all over the world on finding answers to some unanswered riddles of human life in order to make our lives much better. We also know that many scientific discoveries did not come from the big and famous labs of the world but from small towns. And, Rahul Bulhanpurkar from Solapur has proved this from his latest invention which is related to four wheelers.

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While working in the garage in 2010, Rahul hit upon the idea of reducing pollution from four wheelers. He worked and researched on this issue for two years and invented a component that reduces the incidence of pollution from vehicles. But Rahul did not stop only at creating this vital part which is fitted in vehicles but he also got his research patented.

After trying continuously for the last 10 years, Rahul finally was able to get the patent for his research. Rahul said that considering the importance of his research, Tata Motors, the world famous car company from India, has acquired the rights of this patent from him. Tata Motors has decided to pay him Rs 13.52 crore to acquire this patent. But he will have to pay 30 percent tax on this amount. Rahul’s teacher Sanpat Shelkene has appealed to the government to give him a tax waiver as a token of encouragement to Rahul.

Rahul’s patented research will bring vehicular pollution down by 30 percent and this will also increase the mileage of cars and SUVs. This part is fitted in cars near its silencer. Presently, the EGR system is used in cars to reduce pollution.

The new part created by Rahul helps in the process of EGR or Exhaust Gas Recycle and makes it more effective. The PCM of this part is controlled by sensor and the emissions through silencer are further reduced to the extent of 30 percent. This new device also reduces the presence of Nitrogen Oxide to the extent of 70 percent. Tata Motors will use this new device in its cars from 2024-25, Rahul said.

This device is the result of many years of Rahul’s research. He belongs to a middle class family and his father works in a sari centre. His mother is a housewife. Rahul has earned his Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Pune’s AISSMS College of Engineering and after completing his education, he started working in a garage.

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