Sonam Kapoor Reacts To Fashion Blogger’s Defence Of Her Coronation Concert Dress, Trolled As “Bedsheet”

Sonam Kapoor Reacts To Fashion Blogger's Defence Of Her Coronation Concert Dress, Trolled As 'Bedsheet'

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Actress Sonam Kapoor has been making headlines ever since she made an appearance at Britain’s King Charles III’s Coronation Concert.  Pictures and videos of the actress’s performance from the Concert have been doing the rounds on social media, often inviting criticism from a section of people, with regards to the choice of attire for the grand event. Many went as far as to say that her dress looked like a “bedsheet.” Now a fashion blogger has come out in defence of the actress, explaining in detail through her post, the “unique history” of the chintz print fabric on Sonam’s coronation gown.

In an elaborate post, a fashion blogger named Aamir Ali Shah shredded those trolling the actress and questioning “What’s so extraordinary about the gown.” Sharing a picture of Sonam Kapoor in her exquisite gown, Aamir wrote, “Read a comment below this photo of Sonam Kapoor saying what’s extraordinary in this. It looks like a bedsheet. Well, the thing is these ‘chintz’ prints now commonly used for bed sheets, curtains, and upholstery originated as cheent along the Coromandel coast of India. (Cheent in hindi meaning spotted). Once highly prized the world over, chintz helped revolutionise fashion and design globally.”

The blogger went on to shed light on the history of the fabric, “Before Europe came to claim these prints, cheent a plain weave glazed cotton fabric was printed, or painted in vivid colours and was traded across seas for decades. Europeans lapped up ‘indiene’ design to make their homes lush with vibrant madder and indigo colors depicting exotic flora and fauna, which was a necessity given the weather outside was often grey and cloudy. Until 17th century trade in these Indian printed cottons flourished then European fabric manufacturers protested and even rioted against ‘the tawdry, bespotted’ cottons made by ‘Heathens and Pagans’. Colonial enterprises banned cotton from India, leading to imitation chintz being produced in Netherlands, Britain and France. It was only then that the motifs and designs were slowly made to depict European birds and plants.”

He continued in his defence, “Some scholars believe that chintz began to be used for garments when maids were given old or damaged household textiles, which they would fashion into dresses. Lots of lawn brands use these prints today in Pakistan, many not having an iota of knowledge about this fabric’s unique history Now with Sonam Kapoor wearing it, ‘it is indeed a full circle moment’ quoting Deepthi Sasidharan and Susan Thomas here from across the border. A fabric which became dispossessed from the natives is here being reclaimed and recontextualized.”

The fashion blogger’s post caught the attention of actress Sonam Kapoor herself who in reaction to the beautifully framed write-up, replied, “Thank you for getting the whole point of this. Anamika designed the print.”

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor recently made her presence felt at Britain’s King Charles’ Coronation Concert. At the Concert, the Khoobsurat star took the centre stage as she introduced various choir performers of the Commonwealth. The actress, who performed a spoken word piece at the Concert, recently got a shout out from her parents, actor Anil Kapoor and wife Sunita.

Sonam Kapoor, who was introduced as one of the biggest Bollywood celebrities, began her speech with “Namaste”. She said, “Namaste, our Commonwealth is a union. Together we are one-third of the world’s people. One-third of the world’s ocean. One-quarter of the world’s land. Each of our countries is unique, and each of our people is special, but we choose to stand as one, learning from our history. Blessed by our diversity, driven by our values, and determined to build a more peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous future for everyone, where every voice is heard.”

On the work front, Sonam Kapoor is all ready to make a comeback with Shome Makhija’s Blind after a long recluse from acting.

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