This Country Tops List of World’s Worst Drivers, India Ranks at 4th Place

Last Updated: February 28, 2023, 14:22 IST

Image Used for Representational Purpose (Image: Shutterstock)

Image Used for Representational Purpose (Image: Shutterstock)

Japan has bagged the top spot in the coveted list of countries with the best drivers in the world, followed by Netherlands and Norway at second and third spots

Indian roads have long been dominated by heavy traffic and rash driving. Every year, road accidents claim the lives of approximately 1.5 lakh people in the country. That amounts to over 400 deaths every day, as per the latest data. Among other factors responsible for this grave situation, bad driving is a prominent one. Now, a study has ranked India fourth in a list of countries with the worst drivers. The list, created by UK-based insurance price comparison website, Compare The Market, also enumerates countries with the best drivers.

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To make the list, the organisation studied drivers in more than 50 nations and ranked them based on parameters such as road quality, traffic index, speed limits, deaths due to road accident injuries, and even legal blood alcohol levels. Thailand was placed first on the list of countries with the worst drivers. This Southeast Asian nation was followed by Peru, Lebanon, and then India.

India ranked the lowest on social media sentiment among the five nations and performed even worse than Thailand on the traffic awareness and hazards indicator. It was awarded an overall score of 2.34.

The company’s list also featured countries with the best drivers. Here, Japan, with an overall score of 4.57, ranked first. The nation took that spot by a long shot, maintaining a margin of 0.55 points with the runner-up. Japan was also the only non-European country to be featured on this list, with other spots being occupied by the Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, and Sweden.

It is important to note that the study claims the list is subjective. It uses criteria such as traffic accidents and other trends since calculation in terms of driving knowledge is difficult. The study mentions that car insurance experts worldwide use these elements to compare the market.

According to a report published by the Ministry of Road Transport And Highways in 2022, the government has been implementing a multi-pronged road safety approach. This is based on education to generate awareness, engineering of both roads and vehicles, better enforcement of rules and regulations, and providing emergency care to minimise the loss of life due to accidents.

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